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Some of our clients have met each other through travel, work or online dating and they want to be able to be together. Because some countries do not allow same-sex marriage or adoption, it may be critical for the family to be able to obtain the right to live and work in Canada.

Some of our clients have decided to use a surrogate in another country. These intended parents wish to be able to bring their children into Canada and obtain either citizenship or permanent residency for their children.

We can help you to achieve these goals.

Citizenship Rights of Children Born Abroad

If a child is born abroad via a surrogacy agreement, as long as the child is genetically related to Canadian intended birth parents, the child has the right to apply for a confirmation of their citizenship.

Permanent Residency

If the child is not genetically related to a Canadian intended parent, then the intended parent(s) can apply to sponsor the child. Citizenship and Immigration Canada usually will process these applications in about 4 – 6 months time. It is important to note that CIC may require that an adoption has taken place for a child that is not genetically related to the intended parent(s), as evidence to support the sponsorship. As well, you cannot send an application to sponsor a child until after the birth has taken place.