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Fertility Law

Fertility LawIt is legal in Canada for you to donate eggs, sperm or embryos, and to receive eggs, sperm or embryos. It is also legal to be a surrogate or to use a surrogate to have a child. But it is illegal to pay for eggs, sperm or embryos, to pay someone to be a surrogate mother, to receive payment for eggs, sperm or embryos, or to receive payment for being a surrogate. Even so, you can still get paid for out-of-pocket expenses related to these procedures.

If you are planning on using Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) to create your family, most fertility clinics in Canada will expect to see a legal agreement that has been written by a fertility lawyer.

Whether you are an intended parent, a donor or a surrogate, at Great Expectations, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs.