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Fees quoted are in Canadian dollars, and do not include HST or disbursements.

Flat Fees

Donor Agreement
Surrogacy Agreement
Declaration of Parentage
$1500 (drafting and filing necessary court paperwork);
$1500 (appearing in court)
Cost of DNA tests not included
Sponsorship Review Package
Sponsorship Application

Retainer equal to the sum of the flat fee must be deposited in trust upon opening of file.

Flat fee for drafting of agreements includes one round of negotiations/revisions. Additional work is billed according to the lawyer’s hourly rate.
Contentious or complex proceedings are not included in flat fees. Additional work is billed according to the lawyer’s hourly rate.

Independent legal advice

Providing Independent Legal Advice (ILA) on a donor agreement or gestational carrier agreement which has already been drafted. This work cannot be done on a flat-fee basis because it is not possible to predict the range and depth of the concerns that may need to be addressed. We charge a retainer fee (deposit) and then bill based upon actual time required to conclude the agreement.

ILA Retainer

Hourly rates

For work which needs to be billed on an hourly basis, based upon legal services rendered:

Lisa Sharp



We present this information pursuant to the recommendations of the Law Society of Upper Canada, and the Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company.


The lawyers on this website are lawyers practising in a virtual association, with subject-area specialization in reproductive technology law.

Each respective lawyer is a sole proprietor of his or her own respective practice.

Great Expectations is not a partnership under the Partnerships Act, and liability is not joint and several. Liability is limited solely to each respective lawyer.


Following recent jurisprudence on lawyers working in association (Jajj v. 100337 Canada*), both lawyers maintain precautions that prevent the sharing – inadvertent or otherwise – of confidential information pertaining to the clients of any particular lawyer:

* Jajj v. 100337 Canada, 2014 ONSC 3411 (CanLII).