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Depending on the facts of your situation, some intended parents may need to arrange for a formal adoption of the child by the non-biological parent. In some cases, the only way to guarantee a non-biological parent’s full rights of parentage, assuming that the biological parent(s) are consenting to this, or the child was being placed through a child protection agency. This may still be a good solution for families in some provinces.Adoption

In some cases, it is still recommended that an intended parent file an application for adoption of the child in family court, after the child’s birth. Some situations where this might be advisable would include:

If you will be creating a donor or surrogacy agreement, the issue of adoption should be addressed.

There are no court fees for an Ontario adoption application, but it is important to have a lawyer with experience in adoptions, to assist with the preparation of the forms.

In addition, all of the known biological parents must:

As well, children being adopted must receive independent legal advice if they are over the age of 7 years old through the Office of the Children’s Lawyer. There is no charge to the family for this service.